Quality fashion with a modern twist – will it be affordable or pricey this Prom season?

April 7th, 2014
Chiffon sequins sleeveless high low prom dress

Chiffon sequins sleeveless high low prom dress

The Perfect Dress

Let’s be honest, the prom is one of the most important days of a young girl’s life. It’s a day that you will remember for a very long time. Finding the right date is important but hunting down the most beautiful dress in town is also essential. When you’re on a fashion budget you still want to look gorgeous, on trend and do it within your means. So could that be accomplished? You bet it can.

Dream Big, Ladies

Look in your favorite fashion magazines to get your red carpet look. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a gorgeous prom gown. You can roll out the red carpet in style at an affordable price. Just copy celebrities and high fashion. Start with a similar color that’s trending. The hot colors for prom 2013 include gorgeous black, ruby red, pretty pastels like pink and sea foam green, bold jewel tones such as turquoise and purple and glittery gold.

An Evening Fantasy

The prom should be a romantic and very special time. It should be all about the dress, the date and the girl. If it’s modern and edgy or classic and demure, there is a

High low sequins organza prom dress

High low sequins organza prom dress

prom dress for every style. Shopping online can offer a large variety of trending dresses at excellent, won’t-break-the-bank prices. The dress doesn’t always have to hit the floor. There are high-low dresses, cocktail numbers, one-shoulder dresses, frills, sequins, strapless minis, dresses with a high slit and metallics. You could go boho-chic with a hippie feel and glam, wide-brimmed floppy hat. Quality doesn’t have to mean high prices. You can still be a budget-fashionista and pull off a beautiful prom look, no matter how picky you are.

Big Night Beauty

You’ll want to coordinate your pretty prom dress with a cool makeup and hair look. Just don’t go too over-the-top. New York City model Laura Love advises to keep it beauty basic. “My happiest proms were when I had the simplest makeup and hair.” She’s right. You shouldn’t have to try too hard. The legendary designer Vera Wang couldn’t agree more. “Wear a little eye shadow, don’t lose your iphone and don’t leave home without some cash, so you can get home if things get bad,” she chuckled in her Mom voice.

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The most happening prom themes for 2014

March 21st, 2014
bubble style strapless prom dress

Bubble style strapless prom dress

Any of these themes can include an original and creative scene for portraits, as prom is usually the first official affair documenting a step into adulthood. This night can easily be elegant, extravagant and unforgettable, with the right attention to detail and original creativity. Any of these 2013 prom themes are a sure triumph to be remembered.

Every prom is a unique and incredible experience to be cherished for years to come. What better way to remember the perfect event, than by incorporating an extravagant theme? Here are some of the most popular 2014 prom themes, as any one of these is sure to be a hit.

Casino Night

The decorations include palm trees and neon, or simply, white string lights to be hung around entrances and pillars. A fountain will make a beautiful centerpiece, which can be brought to life with the added light of submerged glow sticks. The casino colors include red, black, white and gold, as to resemble playing cards. Poker mix, such as peanuts, pretzels and chips can be served along with hot wings, to compliment a large slot machine style cake. For added entertainment, gold and currency resembling confetti can be suspended from the ceiling and released mid-dance for a glittering “raining money” effect. Invitations resembling playing cards are a creative touch to this theme.

A Modest/Stylish/Prom Dress

A Modest/Stylish/Prom Dress

Masquerade Ball

Decor for this fancy gathering will include velvet ribbons, dimmed lights and beautiful hanging lanterns, along with pearls, feathers and ornate masks. Glitter and sequin covered candles will shimmer beautifully to set the mood for this elegant affair. Colors will include silver, gold, purple, green and blue. Sequins are a must! H’orderves will include crackers with garnishes such as avocado, Swiss cheese or vegetable dip. Almonds, cashews and strawberries can be served along with sparkling water mixed with fruit juice to resemble champagne. The real eye-catcher will be an exquisite chocolate fountain! A contest can be hosted for the best masquerade masks. Glitter invitations will make a stunning addition to any yearbook.

Classic Under Sea Dance

Streamers can be twisted and adhered to the ceiling for a rippling wave affect, while a bubble machine produces sparkling light and interest. Can sodas or punch can be served on ice inside of inflatable pools being ingeniously used as coolers, as well as, creative decor. Mermaid dresses are highly stylish for this event. Theme colors include purple, teal, green, gold and blue. For added decor and refreshments, potato chips can be displayed in scalloped top bags, along with starfish cookies, and shark-fin cupcakes. Swedish fish and gummy sharks can be added to blue jello, with a white surf, whipped cream topping. A main attraction will include a large water balloon slip in slide.

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Wow the crowd with shades of blue for the bridesmaids at a beach wedding

December 21st, 2013

Beach Sunsets Are Made For Peacock, Royal and Sapphire Blue

Your choice of venue and time of day is impeccable so keep up the trend with your bridesmaid dresses. Bold blues like peacock, royal, and sapphire are perfect for sunset weddings. Not only do the colors enhance the natural beauty of the ocean, they are also dynamic enough to stand up to the brightly colored horizon. Keep the dresses tea length or shorter when using a bold hue and pay attention to structure. Taffeta is a fine choice for a bold blue knee length shell style dress while an organza skirt and satin bodice will give a tea length A-line dress gorgeous movement. A good rule of thumb is the longer the dress is the more flowing the fabric needs to be.

Perfect for bridesmaid event

Perfect dress for bridesmaid event

Morning I Do’s Call For Soft Teal, Baby and Robin’s Egg Blue

Softer blues compliment the surf as well as the morning sky for nuptials before noon. Softer blues were made for long dresses; go floor or tea length to capture the beauty of these colors. Head to toe soft teal, baby, or robin’s egg blue will not be overwhelming like a bolder hue might. Soft colors call for soft fabrics and flowing silhouettes. Empire waists and one shoulder styles made from chiffon or light satins will lend an ethereal look to the day.

Mid-Day Medium Blues

Afternoon beach weddings are the perfect time to pull out the medium blues like teal and cerulean. The colors will pop against the surf and sky without appearing overbearing in the wedding photos. Tea or ankle length dresses display these colors best. Dainty spaghetti straps or strapless dresses in A-line silhouettes will suit every bridesmaid. The more structure the dress has, the more body the fabric needs; stick with taffeta and satin for sleeveless styles and lighter satins and organza for Roman or flowing styles.

Blue Accents And Prints

Prints are a great way to incorporate blue into bridesmaid dresses. Pair robin’s egg and navy blue in a fun dot print for a mid-century flair or in a toile for a classic touch. Add a soft teal sash to a sapphire blue dress to really up the drama. Multiple shades of blue can easily be grouped together with a sash of a single color tying them together. Each bridesmaid wears an different ocean inspired shade of blue in the same silhouette and fabric and then dons the sash to give the bridal party a cohesive look.

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December 19th, 2013

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The history of sweetheart necklines revealed

December 7th, 2013
Mother of brider evening gown under 100

Evening Gowns under 100

The History of the Sweetheart Neckline

When picking out women’s formal wear, there are many different necklines to choose from. One of the most popular necklines is the sweetheart neckline. The scalloped design gently curves over the bust line and meets in the middle of the bust area. This offers coverage while still showing off a woman’s figure.

It is unclear who should get the credit for designing the elegant sweetheart neckline. The earliest documentation of a woman wearing a sweetheart neckline was in Spain. This occurred in the 15th century in the court of Isabella. Some people argue with this and claim the sweetheart neckline was first worn in Italy, during the Renaissance time period. Conversely, others claim that the French designers of the 18th century are responsible for creating the sweetheart neckline. Regardless of who originally is responsible for the design, this neckline continues to rise in popularity as the top choice for today’s formal wear. Sweetheart necklines are featured in many prom dresses, wedding dresses and other formal dresses.

The Best Fabric for Sweetheart Necklines

There are many different fabrics that work well with a sweetheart neckline. Satin is one such fabric that enhances the contours of this type of neckline. Satin makes a comfortable dress that looks stylish as well.

A simple evening gown

A simple evening gown

Taffeta is another fabric that goes well with a sweetheart neckline. It is especially elegant when taffeta is mixed with tulle. This combination looks great for either a prom dress or a wedding dress. It gives any occasion a soft, fitted look that is very classy.

Lace is beautiful accent on a sweetheart neckline. Lace dresses up any formal wear and gives it an air of romance. A sweetheart neckline, trimmed in lace, makes the perfect combination for a wedding dress.

Polyester is a no nonsense fabric that is perfect for a woman who does not like frills. It is a durable fabric that wears well. Pair a polyester dress with a sweetheart neckline for a little feminine touch without being too dainty.

Print Fabrics and Sweetheart Necklines

Animal prints go surprisingly well with a sweetheart neckline. Imagine a pink cheetah animal print with a feminine neckline. Zebra prints are also popular for occasions such as prom. Pair a black and white zebra print with a hot pink sash and a sweetheart neckline. You will have a dramatic look that is guaranteed to get attention. Vibrant floral prints are another option to pair with a sweetheart neckline.

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Transform from sham to glam in White pageant dresses

November 25th, 2013
Pageant Dresses under $100

Pageant Dresses under $100

With the black dress becoming boring and too standard, white is becoming the new color to watch. White is versatile. It can shift from casual to formal. The focus is more on you, not the dress when you are wearing white. This color is so timeless that you can easily wear it to any occasion that requires your attendance.

White Pageant Dress Length
There are no rules of the dress length. It depends on how you want it. You can go from the shortest minis to the floor length ones. You can add style and flair with lacy fabrics, pleats, uneven hemlines, and slits. White is plain and needs to have a chic design.

White can be flattering. If you must, please avoid clingy dresses because they tend to cling to your curves. You should always remember this unless you have an enviable hourglass figure.

Accessorize your White Pageant Dress
Accessories make up a plain white

Pageant Dresses
Pageant Dresses

pageant dress. It is a rule unless you want to be mistaken for a bride. The accessories must be compatible to your outfit.

The key is to never use too many accessories with contrasting colors. One accessory is enough. Too many frills can ruin your overall appearance and erase the essence of white.

Whites have different shades for you to decide on. You should wear a shade that can give justice to your skin tone. You can stand out from the rest of the crowd by choosing the right shade.

Classic Bright White
Ladies with cool skin undertones of blue and pink go well with this shade of white. If you belong to this type, pair off your bright whites with silver accessories. It does not have to be flashy. One big accessory is enough. It can be a piece of chandelier earrings to accentuate your beautiful face.

Ecru and White
Bronze skin with yellow, red, and orange undertones tends to blend best with the shades of ecru and white. This is very true especially when you match it with gold accessories. It can be a big belt, a wide bangle, or a pair of golden stilettos.

Ebony skin undertones of red, yellow, and blue goes well with this shade too. If you are in this category, you can choose golden and silver accessories. It can be glittery silver or golden clutch.

Cream and Ivory
Warm skin undertones of brown and golden can be paired with ivory and cream. Accessories of silver and gold can come in handy with this shade. If you must, you can pair it off with a neutral shoe and a bright colored shawl or scarf.

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November 17th, 2013

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How create a good impression on others while attending a military ball with my man

November 10th, 2013

Lovely dress of all occasionsA military ball is a fine event. Together, servers and their spouses gather to present themselves formally. It is a very serious affair and there are some guidelines concerning different aspects of the happening.


You will be engaging in a professional experience, so you must dress according to. Over exposing the skin or wearing something with little coverage is highly disapproved of. If you’re daring, you can wear a cocktail dress, but the usual garments include knee to floor length gowns. Avoid patterns and loud colors. Asking someone who has gone to one before can also be helpful.


Research the type of ball you are attending, as there are different versions. Always arrive on time, and when one considers on time, it usually is best to arrive fifteen minutes before. You will be shaking hands, and this comes with a flair of its own. Not only should your hands be well kept, but remember to remove your right glove and place it into the left while introducing yourself. As you will be meeting many people, have a list of small talk subjects to rely on so as to not have an awkward silent spell.


As you leave the cocktail setting, do not bring food or drinks with you; not bringing anything is best, but if you have a purse, don’t forget it. Lead the men in line and be politely brief as you pass members of the ball. Also, don’t shake the announcers hand. As you look for a table to sit in, let your man seat you. Keep your eyes peeled for a program to further direct you; you may entail a speech. Now is the time to open up. Whilst you chit chat, be aware of which silverware to use and if you need something out of reach, ask for it to be passed instead of getting up and reaching for it. Reapplying makeup or the like is a no no. Finally, as the senior men exit, take into account that is your signal to leave as well.

Attending a ball is not hard if you keep your wits about you. Being graceful and open will make your man proud of you, as much as you are of him. Following a simple outline will help you have fun appropriately, and you may attend more than one. As you gain practice, the process should be easier if you have jumpy nerves; use the dance floor as an outlet and remember, have fun!

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